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The Lightship Group, LLC                                       Employment Opportunity

Senior Marine Estimator

Company Information:

 The Lightship Group, located in North Kingstown, RI, is a highly respected ship repair and marine engineering &  technical services organization located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. We have been providing our services to the US Government (Navy, Coast Guard, MarAd, NOAA, Military Sealift Command), State (University of Rhode Island RV Endeavor), commercial (American and foreign ocean going ships, tugs & barges), offshore wind entities (Alstom and GE Wind), non-profit (Mystic Seaport, US Lightship Museum) and related industrial entities for over 35 years

Our services include ship repair (mechanical, electrical, piping, hydraulic, welding), marine system design, alteration and trouble-shooting, marine fabrication (steel,, aluminum, specialty metals) and predictive maintenance (vibration analysis, thermography). In addition, Lightship has a Power Systems Division that sells and services marine, industrial and residential primary and standby power systems.

Job Overview:

The Senior Marine Estimator will be responsible for working with Company Management to develop accurate and competitive estimates and proposals for bids and specifications issued by Lightship’s customers for ship repair work and fabrications. Work Items estimated will include, but not be limited to: ship alterations, new installations, steel and specialty metal repairs and fabrications, mechanical repairs, valve overhauls, deck machinery overhauls, electrical repairs, hydraulic system repairs, etc. Generally speaking, creating estimates will require becoming familiar with and working with Lightship’s in-house Computerized QB Estimating System;  performing “Ship-Checks” (generally in the New England area, with occasional travel beyond) to investigate the work required; and analyzing specifications and drawings and performing material take-offs, to developing accurate identification of the work effort to be performed, the labor to be expended, and the equipment, materials and subcontractors necessary to safely, successfully and profitably accomplish the work required.

Job Duties:

  • Develop estimates and proposals using Lightship’s QB Estimating System, for review by Company Management
  • Read Specifications to identify level of work effort and labor type and hours to accomplish work items 
  • Read drawings to identify work and materials necessary to accomplish work items
  • Source materials, suppliers and sub-contractors needed to accomplish work items with assistance from Lightship’s Purchasing Agent.
  • Ensure materials identified comply with required government specifications and requirements.
  • Ensure all vendors, subcontractors and temporary agencies identified have appropriate documentation and certifications to perform work required.
  • Visit vessels to perform “ship-checks” to understand work packages
  • Submit bids complete with all documentation required, after Management review
  • Work with Lightship Production Group to identify work approach before bid submittal, or to explain work approach on successful bids  
  • Maintain historical bid information in Lightship’s QB Estimating System. 

The Lightship Group, LLC

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The employee must have experience or demonstrate an ability to understand the following general areas of operations as applied to the marine industry:

  • Marine Repair & Fabrication Estimating
  • Blueprint Reading and Interpretation
  • Work Item Planning, Coordination & Scheduling 
  • ABS, USCG, FCC and other applicable rules and regulations
  • Work Safety Requirements and Personal Protective Equipment use and application.
  • Welding Methods and Procedures
  • Microsoft Office Software and familiarity with computer operations


Applicant should have a high school diploma or equivalent. Further Technical Education a plus.


Five (5) years experience in ship repair estimating, ship repair, or a related activity desired.  Applicant should be a United States citizen with a valid driver’s license.  The successful applicant will be required to have a preemployment physical and pass/undergo a background check.

Salary & Benefits:

The Lightship Group, LLC offers competitive salaries based on experience, and a benefit package consisting of medical and dental plans, life insurance, company sponsored 401k plan, voluntary AFLAC policies, 10 paid holidays, and vacation and sick time accrual. 

The Lightship Group, LLC participates in the Federal E-Verify program.

Please submit a resume to The Lightship Group, LLC via email to, or mail resume to:


The Lightship Group, LLC

P.O. Box 1470

Wickford, RI 02852 Lightship Group, LLC is an Equal Opp